Juice MeBaby Our Space & Catering

In keeping with our yogic faith we strive to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming environment into which you can come and take a temporary refuge from the usual ruthless hustle of the city we live in. A real retreat in every sense!

Do you love our spaces?
You can book them for
your meeting or any other event!

Our space

What can
we offer you?

  • A large meeting desk with up to 12 seats at the back of the JuiceMeBaby studio

  • Large room at the Spirit Space Studio for workshops of various kinds

  • Four hairdresser chairs with mirrors in the front of the JuiceMeBaby studio for beauty (hair, makeup, etc.) workshops.



We can offer a catering service for all your events If interested, please, give us a call or come to visit us in our studio! Please note, all these services have to be booked in advance.