Juice MeBaby Shop

Spirit Space has its own shop where
we offer a diverse range of carefully
selected lifestyle and yoga products,
clothing, and plants.

We love to inspire you and
motivate you to live a happy life!

Plant shop

Spirit Beads

In cooperation with Spirit Beads, we've created a special collection and we offer a special selection of Spirit Beads jewellery in our store.

With respect for our environment and the communities near and far that produce these items, we do our best to always source locally or source sustainable fair-trade products.

Nu Skin cosmetics

For over two decades, Nu Skin has passionately pursued the creation of products and resources to help millions of people around the world with finding their paths into a beautiful future, with a commitment to providing quality skin care that features only premium and wholesome ingredients.


All the products from our Face Workouts 
are also available to purchase in our shop
for your home treatments.



We have been searching for the most
interesting and valuable books about yoga
lifestyle and also about different approaches
to your daily diet. Included in our library are
books about meditation, breathing,
and creative being.


The daily green supplement that is free from synthetic additives.

THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula developed by a nutritionist and made from whole-food, all-natural ingredients. We believe synthetic-free and whole-food nutrition, combined with a healthy lifestyle, is the key to a happy and positive life.