Face Spa Workouts

Our face trainers perform a range of lifting and sculpting  procedures designed to train all forty plus muscles in the face. Results are amplified with great skincare products and traditionals methodology inspired from Bali and China.

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Our Spirit Space Studio


Same as only using the best ingredients to create a great meal, we believe in wholesome nourishment. Our products are virtuous in every sense of the word. Healthy never tasted so good!

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Look and feel your best with our selection of books about yoga, lifestyle, diet, meditation, breathing, and creative being. And discover our own selection of herbal products which will heal your body and mind.

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Space & Catering

In keeping with our yogic faith we strive to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming environment into which you can come and take a temporary refuge from the usual ruthless hustle of the city we live in. A real retreat in every sense!

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Our Vision &Philosophy

JuiceMeBaby & Spirit Space offers you a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can belong.

We have designed an environment in our deli, shop, face spa and studio to nurture the happy and healthy life of every individual: men and women, babies, kids, teens or seniors – everyone is welcome in our JuiceMeBaby studio and Spirit Space yoga place.